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Saone - Trento
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Branch offices:
Pescatina (VR) e Nave (BS)

Modern and innovative founded more than 30 years experience in the bread making and confectionery sector.
A strong knowledge and a continuous desire of innovation, allow us to satisfy every necessity and request of our clients.
Thanks to our seriousness and quality, we can keep our products constantly renewed and fulfil with interest every demand of our clients. New equipment of first quality, produced by certified firms in internetional ambit, but used equipment completely reviewed.
Used equipment is completely regenerated beginning from the total disassembly tll the repainting, but after a scrupolous examination of all the parts substituted. These machines respect the application of the security systems most suitable to the provisions of the regulations in force that allow us to have a total security of the work developed.

The warehouse extends for 600 mq there you can visit us and see a wide range of products and find the most suitable solution to your problems through our collaboration.

PEDERZOLLI | Attrezzature e macchine per l'industria dolciaria
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